Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grasshopper now has a devoted Grasshopper Section within the resources pool which will feature .ghx tools and vbComponents in addition to the RhinoScript tools collection. The current focus is on mimicking many of the Rhinoscript functions and methods for structuring and navigating information with the idea of creating a simple set of custom vbComponents to reduce "clutter" in the grasshopper workspace without making the functions too opaque or complex. The basic structure of the downloadable files is a grouped area, which is the tool or component itself and a corresponding "sample" application which plugs into, but is placed outside of, the group. The purpose is to relay the function of the tool without making it difficult to understand where the moment of input and output are. It can be assumed that many of these tools will become obsolete as the plugin continues to develop, or that the workflow these tools are geared towards may not be compatible with many users methods, but still, if they are useful, enjoy.

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