Sunday, March 28, 2010


I recently saw an exhibition on the work of Utagawa Kuniyoshi at Japan Society in NYC and was taken with the elegent simplicity of his representation of natural forces in a graphic medium. The following is one of a growing library of Rhinoscripts looking to produce spatial graphics of natural forces which can be captured in two dimensions.
This Rhino Script produces a series of lines which fall like rain upon Rhino's cplane. If a droplet hits there is a splash. The user can input the number clusters where the rain will fall from, the relative radius of the cluster, the percentage of the way that the rain can fall short as well as a few other conditions. The rain is colored with a gradient according to distance along the V domain of the surface to allow for the production of depth.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Choice: Finalist for James Beard Award, 2010

Choice Market, by Evan Douglis Studio is a finalist for the 2010 James Beard Award, Outstanding Restaurant Design. Congratulations to Evan Douglis and the whole team who worked to make this project possible.