Friday, October 2, 2009

Point Visualization

This Rhino Script presents a series of options for the visualization of points, relative to graphic output. Once points are selected the user can then select to overlay the points with either a circle curve, cross curve, coordinate anchor curve, spherical surface, or cubical polysurface. Once the output type is selected a series of orientation options are made available, either using the world coordinate plane, the camera plane, current construction plane, or a plane perpendicular to a user specified point.
Link to Point Visualization Script


Randomizer is a culmination of a series of tools that I have used in the past to generate a random set of test points. This Rhino Script presents the user with a series of options to create random point clusters in different geometric volumes as well as surface or curve parameters. Random points can be made in circular, spherical, cubical configurations with varying dimensions.
Link to Randomizer Script