Saturday, November 29, 2008

Text Anchor Point

A very simple Rhino Script tool designed to give anchor points to text objects in Rhino, which for some reason, do not exist. The script allows for the selection of the standard text anchor types then groups the anchor point to the text body while still allowing the editing of the text. Note the anchor point will not automatically update if the text is modified.

Text Anchor Point Script

CleanUp: The Basic Overkill Script for Rhino

In using laser cut files directly out of Rhino, I consistently found the need for a command similar to "overkill" in Autocad for Rhino. In addition those pesky overlapping surfaces which create render artifacts and kill render time just needed a quick fix. Though it is only able to detect points, curves or surfaces, future adaptations for polysurfaces and possibly meshes are in the works. However for what it does this Rhino Script has been helpful. Any suggestions for additional types of geometry to be checked, or additional features are more than welcome.

Clean Up Script

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feature: Autogenics Structures

The project Reciprocity Horizon by Matt Standeven and David Mans produced in Pratt School of Undergraduate Architecture's Prefab China Program is published in Autogenic Structures by Evan Douglis.

"With work spanning the last 10 years from institutions such as Columbia University, Pratt Institute, Sci-Arc & University of Buffalo, it gives us a rare glimpse into a canon of the architectural educational system."

via Core.Form-ula.
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