Saturday, May 31, 2008

Surface Wave

n-bloom petals
standard views
Surface wave is a very simple rhinoscript tool which uses a curve to create a sine wave based surface. Developed as a means to expedite surface experimentation, its function as a tool is very limited, but its results as an origin are quite useful. Shown above is the first prototype of n-bloom, a developing wall light system produced with the Surface Wave script.

surfWave script

Monday, May 26, 2008

Reciprocity Horizon Featured

The project Reciprocity Horizon by Matt Standeven and David Mans was recently part of a feature on the Pratt School of Architecture Prefab China program on SuckerPunchDaily
Thanks to Richard Sarrach and Core.Form-ula.

Friday, May 23, 2008


table prototype
standard views

TETRAble represents the first prototype in a series of image reading object making scripts, which mediate formal exploration and functional pursuits, with an emphasis on assembly. The script which produced this project will be released on when it relaunches in its new format later this year.
Link to Project

Thursday, May 22, 2008


wall mounted relief system
bottom face relief elevation

TETRAliefs is individually customizable bi level table surface. With the New York apartment in mind it is designed to be repositioned as a lightweight wall-scape when not in functional use. With any readily available image production software the user can create the simple gray scale pattern which programs the table to meet their particular wants. The result of this image is a three dimensional reference model of the final piece, as well at layer by layer assembly map of the modules construction and a cutting template for fabrication. The cut template and components are designed to reduce fabrication waste through maximization of used material surface area. The script itself will be revised with the release of the third project in this series, TETRAble. Until then, enjoy.
TETRAlief script

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reciprocity Horizon featured on CORE

The Reciprocity Horizon_ Prefab House is currently featured on the CORE.FORM.ula. CORE.FORM.ula is the academic arm of form-ula. Which works with the leading design schools developing advanced curricula utilizing the latest design tools.
The project was developed with Matt Standeven during the Prefab China program at Pratt Institute, taught by Evan Douglis, Richard Sarrach, Che Wei Wang, and Eric Wong. Using Generative Components' parametric capabilities to derive diverse programmatic and performative expression from a single module, Horizon seeks to find a moment of reciprocity as an architectural mediation of a constrained supply of energy which engages space between light and ground.
Core.form-ula post
Link to Project

Monday, May 19, 2008


pattern dominancetri pattern composition
backface pixel sampling
assembly map

What do you do with a couple thousand left over chipboard triangles, some paint, and a little spare time. You make the TETRAbit tabletop. With an A and B side creating a flat surfaced top for function and a contact point base to minimize exposure the resulting plate system is surprisingly strong. Composing three individual images into a pixelated composition, results in a piece that well, I just like. Sometimes a project should just be for the sake of existence. The rhinoscript itself produces a three dimensional model for testing, a 2 dimensional map of the two layers for reference, and laser cut templates which calculates and separates the total number of triangles required to complete the pattern. Enjoy the script, if you have the patience to put it together the result is quite nice. (photo's of the finished project coming soon). The B&W sister project, TETRAliefs, also coming soon.
TETRAbits script