Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Grassy Knoll

Developed as part of an ongoing collaboration.
This rhino script allows the user to create highly varied, yet controllable, low polygon count "hairs"
Version 1 operates based on the world coordinate system, growing upwards from a user selected series of points.
Version 2 allows for the selection of a surface which will be randomly populated with grass blades perpandicular to the suface (about the surface normal)
The user is given the option to specify the range of lengths (min-max), the range of bending per segment, and the base and tip radius. The user can control the number of segments the blade will have, the more segments the smoother the bend, the greater the polygons. In addition as part of the interest in polygon optimization the user can specify the number of sides on each blade, a 2 sided blade is flat, 3 sided become three dimensional (triangular), 4 rectangular, etc. the higher the number the rounder it is, the higher the polygon count.

Grass From Random Points Script
Grass From Surface Script

1 comment:

Peter said...

Hi. I've copied that script but it always cast error in the progress. something about different types of CDbl at row 25, mark 7 or row 32, mark 9.
Can You tell me please what is wrong?