Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Simple Tools

Ive been occupied lately working on and cleaning up all the glitches I can find in my old scripts before I officially post them on the new site and haven't had time to develop any significant new tools. So in the mean time I thought id post a few simple time saver rhinoscript tools. Also I would like to open this particular post for comments requesting little time saver tools you may want. I write them, you use them and everybody feels a little more fufilled. Please make any suggestions for any range of tools you may want and Ill do my best. But in the meantime, Enjoy.

First is a simple enough tool, actually it may already be in Rhino and I just missed it but, it connects two curves, closing them into a single polyline, using either a rough equivelent of blend curve or staight connections... or not, its your call, give it a try you'll see what I mean. Its a great time saver for closing offset curves.
Connect Two Curves Script

And second, a tool developed to expedite fabrication. Each click adds text which counts by a specified increment allowing for quick numbering, with your choice of prefixes.
Incremental Numbering Script

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