Monday, May 19, 2008


pattern dominancetri pattern composition
backface pixel sampling
assembly map

What do you do with a couple thousand left over chipboard triangles, some paint, and a little spare time. You make the TETRAbit tabletop. With an A and B side creating a flat surfaced top for function and a contact point base to minimize exposure the resulting plate system is surprisingly strong. Composing three individual images into a pixelated composition, results in a piece that well, I just like. Sometimes a project should just be for the sake of existence. The rhinoscript itself produces a three dimensional model for testing, a 2 dimensional map of the two layers for reference, and laser cut templates which calculates and separates the total number of triangles required to complete the pattern. Enjoy the script, if you have the patience to put it together the result is quite nice. (photo's of the finished project coming soon). The B&W sister project, TETRAliefs, also coming soon.
TETRAbits script

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